Under this section you may find regulations related to the freedom of information. All relevant national acts, as well as the main international instruments are compiled here. 


Here you may find the full text of the Access to Public Information Act (APIA), history of its adoption in 2000 and information about the most important amendments to it.


In order to improve the proposed legislation related to the freedom of information Access to Information Programme actively participates in public discussions. AIP prepares and submits statements and opinions on draft bills related to the access to information . These are being drafted after a thorough analysis of the Bulgarian legislation, comparative study of foreign legislation and in compliance with international standards. Under the Legal Opinions section you can find the AIP statements and opinions,  of other partner organizations on draft bills related to access to information, public registers, regulation on classification of information. Whenever available, they are published in English, or with a short description in English and a link to the Bulgarian text.