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"Access to Information Programme", „Anticorruption Fund“, „Bulgarian Lawyers for Human Rights“ and „Institute for Market Economy“ sent a letter with their joint statement to the Head of the National Assembly and the chairpersons of its parliamentary groups. “We do not want to contribute to empty of content such democratic instrument as the participation of the civil society through statements and questions in the procedure for the election of Head of the CCUAAF Commission".
According to Stephan Anguelov, AIP lawyer, Sofia Municipality is supposed to have the requested data on the planning and implementation of reconstruction works in several Sofia metropolitan areas - after all, he says, this very data serves for the final financial reports.
How did the Bulgarian Football Union spend over a million leva, granted by the Bulgarian state, reveals the TV investigative journalist Petar Nanev. In 2018, with the legal assistance of the AIP, he won a lawsuit against the Ministry of Youth and Sports, and this year he was nominated by AIP's team for our journalism award as part of the International Right to Know Day.  
The Constitutional Court declared unconstitutional a provision in the Private Data Protection Act, which introduced 10 criteria for assessing journalistic expression.
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