We have tried to sum up the FAQs addressed to our experts as well as their legal comment. We hope thereby to be of assistance in some common situations and give you the opportunity to better stand up your right of access to information.


What is the right of access to information?
Do requestors need to explain what they need the information for?
Are there special procedures with regard to privileged groups of requestors such as journalists, lawyers, researchers etc.?
Who is obliged to provide access to public information under the Access to Public Information Act (APIA)?
Are state and municipal "enterprises" obliged to provide access to information?
What information can be sought under the APIA?
Is the request for access to information an administrative service?
Is it possible under the APIA to obtain archival information?
Is the procedure of access to public information the same as the procedure of access to personal data?
What information may be restricted from access?
Are there cases in which I shall be granted access to requested information, regardless of the application of any of the restrictions?
How to request access to information?
Do you have to pay for the information?
What shall I do if the authority refuses to grant me access to information?
Whom shall I address for assistance?