Provision of legal assistance at every stage of the process of public information seeking is among the priorities of Access to Information Programme. We have provided legal consultation to over 5,500 cases and have brought to court nearly 400 cases under the Access to Public Information Act.


Due to our legal help, representation in court, and advocacy, citizens, journalists, NGOs and business receive thousands of documents per annum by exercising their right of access to information.


In a series of five books, the AIP has analyzed the access to information court developments: Access to Information Litigation in Bulgaria. Selected Cases.

AIP legal team would be happy to answer all your questions concerning access to information cases.


We have summed up the most frequently asked questions on how to obtain access to public information. We hope that these answers will help you understand and exercise your civil rights.


AIP experts have been helpful in writing plenty of requests for access to information. We have also written these handbooks to help citizens gain access to information.


Summaries of litigation assisted by AIP when citizens and NGO's have appealed refusals of information in court can also be found in this section.


You can always address AIP lawyers with a question concerning one's right of access to information by e-mail.