Interview with the Director of the Public Financial Inspection Agency about the Further Opening of the Agency to the Public

Diana Bancheva, AIP

AIP Communication Officer Diana Bancheva interviews the Director of the Bulgarian Public Financial Inspection Agency, Ms Temenujka Petkova. The occasion is the online publication of a summary of the results of completed public financial inspections for the previous three months in compliance with the July 2011 amendments to the Law of the State Financial Inspection.

Summaries of results include the list of inspected public bodies (ministries, agencies, municipalities, schools, etc.), type of financial irregularities found, number and price of public procurements inspected, specific legal provisions violated, number and amount of public procurements assigned without tender procedure, number of acts establishing administrative offences, acts establishing deficiency in accounts.
“Everyone interested in a specific internal financial inspection report can request it under the Access to Public Information Act,” Temenujka Pektova said.

The practices mark the further opening of the institution towards the public. In 2006, AIP recognized the Public Financial Inspection Agency with the Golden Key Award at the annual Right to Know Day Awards Ceremony.

The full text of the article in Bulgarian.

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