The subsequent disclosure after the initial partial refusal established good practices in the municipal administration

Kalina Grancharova, AIP coordinator for the region of Silistra

Mr. Dimitar Petsov from the city of Silistra was recognized with the Golden Key award at the 15th Right to Know Day Ceremony held in Sofia on 28 September 2017.


He was awarded for consistent and persistent use of the Access to Public Information Act (APIA) to obtain information regarding the implementation of the project “Rebuilding the History – Medzhidi Tabia Fortress” by the Municipality of Silistra, as well as the organization and the sound citizen position, expressed with the campaign “Mr. Mayor, How Long?”


Mr. Dimitar Petsov has continued his battle for more transparency and accountability of the municipality.


As a result of a court case against a partial refusal issued by the Maoyr of the Municipality of Silistra, Petsov succeded to obtain information about education and experience of the public mentors who work at the Local Commission to Combat Juvenile and Juvenile Delinquency.


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