Interview with the recipient of the Golden Key Award for a Citizen who Has Most Actively Used Their Right to Information

Diana Bancheva, AIP
2013 Right to Know Day
Georgi Serbezov with the award

The Golden Key award for a citizen who has most actively exercised their right of information was given to Mr. Georgi Serbezov from the town of Plovdiv. He has actively used the Access to Public Information Act (APIA) to obtain information of public interest from the municipality and from municipal companies.


The 2013 Right to Know Day Awards Jury, however, decided to recognize him with the award for his web portal that accumulates the Supreme Administrative Court decisions and rulings under the APIA. The portal makes the SAC decisions easy for search and visible to Google.


Mr. Serbezov launched the portal free of charge to assist citizens, NGOs, and journalists in their active exercise of the right of access to information when they seek defense of that right in court.


The interview reveals the most recent campaigns of Mr. Serbezov and other active citizens from Plovdiv to save the parts of the historic City Park from being turned into a parking lot with the help of the Access to Public Information Act.

The whole interview with Mr. Serbezov in Bulgarian:Бюлетин/Георги_Сербезов_Не_можеш_да_не_реагираш_въпреки_поредната_би/100202/1000908204/.







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