Interview with the recipient of the Golden Key Award for a Journalist Most Actively Used the APIA

Diana Bancheva, AIP
2013 Right to Know Day
Doroteya Dachkova

The Golden Key Award for the most efficient use of the Access to Public Information Act by a journalist was presented to Ms. Doroteya Dachkova from the Sega Daily. 


She has actively used the APIA for a number of publications dealing with issues of great public interest. With the help of the APIA, she has obtained information about the process of pardoning carried out by the former President and has published extensively on the topic. Ms. Dachkova was also leading in the investigation of the sources of endowments to the Ministry of Interior (MoI) in 2011. Her use of the APIA to obtain information in that case and extensive media campaign resulted in ceasing the practices of private persons and companies making endowments to the MoI and in launching an online register of the donors.


In 2013, Ms. Dachkova uses the APIA to obtain information about the number of delayed cases in the Sofia City Court, the names of the judges hearing the cases and the grounds for the delay. With the help of AIP, Ms. Dachkova challenged the refusal of the Chairperson of the court and published in the press.


The interview with Ms. Doroteya Dachkova in Bulgarian:Бюлетин/Доротея_Дачкова_Фактът_че_бориш_съд_със_съд_е_показателен/100202/1000338343/.

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