The anti-award given by AIP at the annual Right to Know Day Awards Ceremony reached the Mayor of Yambol on November 14, 2011, minutes before being convicted for 3 years and 8 months

Diana Boncheva, AIP coordinator in the region of Yambol

AIP coordinator for the region of Yambol, Diana Boncheva, managed to give the Dishonorary Diploma to the Mayor of Yambol two months after the 2011 Right to Know Day jury had recognized the institution as violating citizens’ right to information. The Municipality of Yambol is infamous for its practices to silently refuse information to citizens, journalists, and even members of the Municipal Council. The latter also have to sue the mayor for access to public information. 

Besides, the mayor Georgi Slavov, has several effective convictions for illegal assignment or execution of public procurements – for the construction of a water-pipeline, for the issuing of a municipal information newsletter, for waste-management and landscaping. 

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