Increasing Government Transparency and Accountability through Electronic Access to Information
March 2007- December 2008
Financed by: UNDP Democratic Governance Trust Fund (DGTF)

Project description:

The main objective of the project is to systemically and comprehensively demonstrate in Bulgaria the innovative use of ICT benefits for a significantly improved implementation of the Access to Public Information Act through better supply of and demand for government-held information. Specifically, the project will:

(1) Support Bulgarian national institutions to fulfil their obligations under the APIA by the effective use of Internet as the cheapest and most efficient way to provide information;
(2) Encourage Bulgarian citizens to effectively exercise their right to information by using the opportunities for electronic access to public information;
(3) Support the formulation of recommendations for improvement of FOI related legislation and APIA implementation.

Expected Outcomes:

1.Three working models within Government institutions to provide public information to citizens electronically – at the central, district and municipal level – developed and tested;
2. Training programme aimed at creating new sets of skills and competencies among civil servants on the electronic provision of public information developed and implemented;
3.National public awareness campaign on the right to information and on the opportunities for electronic access to information carried out;
4.Specific recommendations to improve the implementation of Access to Public Information Act (APIA) through more effective use of ICT and proposals for respective amendments to the APIA formulated.

Activities within the project:

1. Conducting two surveys of whether and how Bulgarian institutions actively provide information on their web sites.
2. Research of international e-FOIA legislation.
3. Development of a model FOI institutional web site.
4. Organizing and conducting of 6 "Electronic Access to Information" discussion meetings in the country with municipal and regional administration officials responsible for the provision of public information.
5. Presentation of the outcomes and recommendations from the discussion meetings held in the country before the Ministry of State Administration and Administrative Reform.
6. Organization and holding Right to Know Day Awards Ceremonies (2007, 2008)
7. Permanent media campaign on the right of information.
8. Preparation and distribution of a Monthly FOI Electronic Newsletter and other promotion activities.
9. Preparation and dissemination of two Annual Reports Access to Information in Bulgaria (2006, 2007).

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