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This Newsletter is published within the framework of the project "Implementation of Freedom of Information in Bulgaria", implemented by Access to Information Programme with cooperation of VVMZ East European Investment Services B.V. (NL) and financially supported by the Programme for Social Transformation in Central and East Europe (MATRA) of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Since our primary audience for this newsletter speaks Bulgarian, we no longer translate it into English. Nonetheless, we invite you to read articles from our past newsletters.

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Issue 04(28), April 2006

In this issue:

1. Access to Information in Bulgaria 2005
2. From the Court Room: The Director of the National Intelligence Services Was Sued with the Legal Assistance of AIP
3. Interview: The General Public Needs to Use the Law

Issue 03(27), March 2006

In this issue:

1. News

Issue 02(26), February 2006

In this issue:

1. From the Court Room: Are the Bulgarian Intelligence Services Accountable Before the Citizens? What Is The Truth About the Involvement of Bulgaria in Petrolgate, the Murder of Georgi Markov, and the Assassination Attempt Against Pope John Paul II?
2. News


Issue 01(25), January 2006

In this issue:

1. From the Court Room: Bulgarian Supreme Administrative Court Ruled in Favour of Freedom of Information
2. News

Issue 11(23), November 2005

In this issue:

1. FOI-ers from Europe and the USA met in Bulgaria
2. The Two Goals of the Conference were Perfectly Fulfilled
3. AccessInfo Will Work Towards Better Access to Information in Europe
4. 22 % Awareness Of APIA In Bulgaria Is a Very Concrete Accomplishment
5. The Execution of Court Rulings Is Not a Problem in Holland
6. We Are Not As Good As We Think We Are - We Also Have Work To Do
7. We Still Have a Lot of Work in Bulgaria

Issue 10(22), October 2005

In this issue:

1. What's up with PDP?
2. More transparency is necessary in order to meet EU accession criteria
3. Practice monitoring: Freedom of Information in Slovakia
4. Case of the month: Transparency in the Privatization Process is Remains a Wish
5. From the courtroom: Freedom of Information Litigation Should Change Habits
6. Monthly interview: In a Democracy Nothing is Worse Than Disinformed People
7. Use the Law as a Knife
8. FOI-ers around the world: The Global Transparency Initiative
9. News
10. Launch of the European Civil Liberties Network Aims to Put People's Rights First
11. Pre-accession Millions for Bulgarian Farmers Ending up in the Wrong Pockets

Issue 9(21), September 2005

In this issue: September 28, 2005, International Right to Know Day

The September issue of our information newsletter was devoted to the celebration of the International Right to Know Day on September 28. For more information about the event, please visit:

- Right to Know Day in Bulgaria
- Right to Know Day around the world

Issue 8(20), August 2005

In this issue:

1. State Deals - Private Interests and Transparency
2. How to Implement the Access to Public Information Act? New Handbook for Public Officials Published by AIP
3. Flood experiences: Drowned in Ignorance
4. Case of the month: Effective Public Control is Impossibe without Access to Information
5. Monthly Interview: The Access to Public Information Act is a Tool in My Work
6. GTI published its Transparency Charter draft
7. News

Issue 7(19), July 2005

In this issue:

1. From the courtroom: Does the Bulgarian Minister of State Administration pay “Microsoft” from his own pocket?
2. Request Experience: The Lists of Official Secret—Between the Interesting and the Incredible
3. Did you Give your Personal Data to the Automobile Agency?
4. Monthly Interview: Implementation of the Access to Public Information Act in Bulgaria – a View from Abroad
5. Paths to Democracy—The Role of the Nongovernmental Organizations
6. News

Issue 6(18), June 2005

In this issue:

1. From the Court Room: Access to Information Litigation during the fist half of 2005
2. Personal data in election times
3. Case of the Month: Regional Inspections on Environment and Waters and The Inspectorates on the Protection and Control Over the People’s Health Should Actively Inform Citizens In Cases of Drinking Water Pollution
4. Request experiences: Transparency in National and International Institutions
5. News

Issue 5(17), May 2005

In this issue:

1. Access to Information—the State against the Citizens
2. Is Future Government Going to Grant the Access to Information in Bulgaria?
3. From the courtroom: A two-year long lawsuit against a tacit refusal of the Chief Prosecutor was finally considered on its merits by the Sofia City Court
4. High-school students from the town of Burgas discussed access to information
5. News
6. Request Experience: Officials at the Regional Court in Vratsa Do Not Know APIA

Issue 4(16), April 2005

In this issue:

1. Templeton awards were presented to AIP on an official ceremony
2. Access to Information is in the essence of public society, the Supreme Administrative Court of Bulgaria held
3. The annual “Big Brother” anti-awards presented in Bulgaria
4. Privacy International Announces U.S. Big Brother Awards winners for 2005
5. AIP Trained Municipality Officials from Plovdiv and Pazardzik
6. Request experiences: How easy it is to receive obviously public information
7. Case of the month: Is it legitimate to be asked for a copy of your ID
8. News, news, news

Issue 3(15), March 2005

In this issue:

1. Access to Information Programme received first place for the Templeton Freedom Prize for Ethics & Values
2. Atlas Grants $150,000 to 15 Institutes through the 2005 Templeton Freedom Awards Program
3. "The awards recognize our continuous efforts!”
4. AIP would like to extend their thanks to everyone, who congratulated us for the Templeton awards (not translated)
5. From the courtroom: The President administration sued under APIA
6. Case of the Month: The Addresses of the Owners of Agricultural Land are Public
7. Monitoring Access to Information in Practice: The Authorities use the Access to Public Information Act in order to hide Information
8. News, news, news
9. The annual “Big Brother” anti-awards presented in Bulgaria

Issue 2(14), February 2005

In this issue:

1. The Supreme Administrative Council Closed Its Sessions after the Chief Prosecutor’s Intervention. The European Commission has still to wait for the implementation of transparency principles in the activity of the Prosecutor’s Office!
2. Monitoring Access to Information in Practice: The necessity of providing information is recognized in Haskovo
3. Democracy Has Nothing to Hide
4. Case of the month: The sessions of the municipal councils and their committees are public
5. Request Experiences: There are no criteria for financing the consumer associations in Bulgaria
6. News, news, news

Issue 1(13), January 2005

In this issue:

1. Public discussion on the construction of a Nuclear power plant in Belene (NPP Belene)
2. From the court room: The authorities turn APIA into a hurdle race
3. Case of the Month: Is the information of budget financed companies public?
4. Monitoring Access to Information in Practice: Where do we stand? Where we can!
5. Request Experience: Is it a secret who assimilated the budget surplus of 2004?
6. FOI Advocates: ISCOR directed to Release Minutes of Management Meetings
7. News, news, news


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