In 2009 AIP performed an audit on the Internet sites of the executive power public bodies and filed electronic requests for access to information to evaluate the readiness of the administration to respond

The survey was prepared by the team of AIP and aimed to evaluate the readiness of the institutions to answer requests submitted electronically. The survey was performed within the period February 10 – March 5, 2009 by two volunteers.[1] They had the task to submit electronic requests to 411 administrative structures from the system of the executive power, as they are listed in the public Register of Administrative Structures. The Register is accessible through the Internet site of the Ministry of State Administration and Administrative Reform.[2]
The requestors had several tasks:
  • To find the Internet site of the administrative structure from the register;
  • To find on that web site an e-mail address of an official who is responsible for accepting requests, or a contact e-mail of the institution where they may submit requests;
  • To check if an access to information section exists on the web site since the process of creation of such sections has started several years ago and is stipulated as an obligation by the APIA amendments as of December 5, 2008; 
  • They had to also check and signify if rules for the submission of electronic requests were published on the web site.

Finally, our requestors had to submit a request to the identified e-mail demanding access to information with the following content:
Has an official been assigned within the institution of your authority to be directly responsible for the provision of public information as set forth by § 18 of the Transitional Provisions of the Amendments Act to the Access to Public Information Act (Promulgated in SG No. 49 as of June 19, 2007)? In case such an official has been assigned, please name the particular official responsible for the provision of information?”
Requests were submitted to 399 institutions, including ministries, agencies, state commissions, regional governor’s administrations, municipalities. The submission of requests to 6 institutions from the Register of Administrative Structures was not possible due to the lack of Internet site or e-mail address, or wrong or not-existing e-mail address.

[1]The reports of the two participants in the survey were used for the presentation of the results – Ms. Galina Nencheva and Mr. William Popov.