All Access to Information Programme publications are available here - handbooks for citizens on how to exercise their right of access to information and for public officials on how to implement the Access to Public Information Act; books and brochures; reports and analyses on the access to information and the media; access to information and the local self-government; access to information and the environment; access to information and the business; access to information and the judiciary.

Analyses prepared by Access tp Information Programme have been published in prominent foreign editions.


The media coverage of access to information related issues is an important part of AIP advocacy work. We have over 2,200 publications in the printed media and 1,500 participations in radio and TV broadcasts.


We kindly remind you that all materials published on AIP web site are copywritten. Reproduction, storage in a retrieval system, ot transmittance, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise should be made after the permission of the publisher.