29 October 2007

The proceedings, initiated by the Editor in Chief of Noroden Glas (People’s Voice) newspaper at the town of Lovech, against the refusal of the mayor of the town to provide information, were stayed for the third time. According to the mayor, the requested information about the amount paid by the municipality for announcements in four media was protected data of the third parties. During the proceedings, it turned out that the representatives of the municipality did not know who was contacted in terms of these announcements and to whom the public money was paid after all. Two court sessions were necessary to clear out that issue. The Administrative Court in Lovech took the legal measure to sanction the municipal legal officer for not complying with court instructions within the time frames. At the last session, it turned out that the municipality had not signed contracts with the four media, which had dissented the provision of information about the amount of money they were paid from the budget. The pleadings of the parties will be heard on December 4, 2007. The case is supported by AIP.