20 November 2019

In October 2018, the TV investigative journalist Petar Nanev requested from the Ministry of Youth and Sports (MYS) information on the financing of the Bulgarian Football Union (BFU) regarding competitions and sport camps of national teams. The Ministry refused to provide this information on the ground that there was an explicit non-consent by the third party - BFU.

Nanev then appealed the refusal and won the case before the Sofia City Administrative Court (SCAC) with the legal assistance of the AIP.

By Decision No. 2496 of 10.04.2019 of the SCAC the refusal was canceled and the request was returned to the Minister for a new decision with instructions on the interpretation and application of the law. The court considers that the requested information is public as it relates to the spending of public funds and to the purpose of that spending. The Court also held that the BFU is a obliged body because it carries out activities financed by the state budget and by EU funds.

The case was presented in a news report in April 2019 ("The court ordered the sports ministry to provide documents to BTV"), and a new report on the topic was broadcasted yesterday: "How does the BFU waste millions from the state budget on children's sports?".

This year, on the occasion of the International Right to Know Day, the AIP nominated Petar Nanev for the award in the "Best journalist story related to the access to information right" category. The nomination was related to two access to information cases and the consequent news coverage on the cases' outcome.