29 October 2007

Does the society have the right to know about the findings in the President’s report on the Petrolgate case? The answer of that question will become clear with the decision of the Sofia City Court on the case of Politika newspaper journalist Zoya Dimitrova. In 2006, the Supreme Administrative Court returned the file of the case for reconsideration to the first instance after giving explicit instructions for a review of the lawfulness of the classification of the report as state secret. The evidence collected showed that classification stamps were put, but they did not prove the grounds for the classification. An impression remained that the report, prepared by the secret services, did not contain the alleged secret data about the means for information collection, but findings of public interest. The report was prepared at the request of the President of the Republic of Bulgaria as a reaction to publications in an Arab newspaper about the trade involvement of Bulgarian companies, close to the Bulgarian Socialist Party, with Saddam Hussein’s regime in violation with the UN imposed embargo. A court decision shall be delivered till the end of November.