26 November 2005

International Freedom of Information Litigation Conference—Lessons Learned was held on 25-26 November 2005 in Sofia, Bulgaria.


The conference was organized by Access to Information Programme Foundation with the support of the Council of Europe. Participants from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro, Rumania, Moldova, Albania, Hungary, the Check Republic, Armenia, Georgia, the Netherlands, and the USA visited Sofia to take part in the event.


The conference covered the following main topics: Freedom of Information Litigation –General Overview; FOI Litigation as Advocates Strategy; Challenging Freedom of Information Exemptions though Litigation; Effects of Freedom of Information Litigation.

The Agenda is available here: http://aip-bg.org/documents/confe2005/agenda_2005.pdf.



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- FOI Procedure in Republic of Macedonia, Klime Babunsky, ProMedia - Republic of Macedonia
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