Access to Information Programme
America for Bulgaria Foundation

On 8 and 25 April 2014, Access to Information Programme held Information Days in the towns of Vidin and Pernik respectively within the implementation of the project Access to Information Programme – Civil Center for Support of Transparency.


AIP Executive Director Gergana Jouleva presented the results from the 2014 audit on institutional web sites performed by AIP and particularly the state of the active transparency of the institutions in each of the two regions and their positions in the 2014 Active Transparency Rating.


The Head of AIP legal team Alexander Kashumov presented specific cases and AIP assisted litigation under the Access to Public Information Act.


AIP lawyer Darina Palova presented successful tactics for obtaining access to information from public bodies and from public registers and government data sets to journalists, NGOs, and activists. The participants were given on-spot legal help on specific access to information cases by the members of the AIP legal team.


Information and pictures from the meetings held in the towns of Pazardzhik and Plovdiv were published and disseminated through AIP Monthly FOI Newsletter, April 2014 issue (in Bulgarian).


The project Access to Information Programme – Civil Center for Support of Transparency is supported with a grant by the America for Bulgaria Foundation.