22 May 2023


In 2023, Anita Cholakova, journalist for actualno.com, requested public information from the Regional Health Inspectorate – Vratsa, specifically  a copy of a report from an inspection of a medical facility at AETs Kozloduy EAD. This concerned a medical facility that provides treatment to employees, including within the framework of occupational medicine.


RHI – Vratsa refused access to the requested information.


The refusal was appealed with the help of AIP.


The Smolyan Administrative Court revoked the refusal, holding that the information is public and allows citizens to form an opinion about the inspection of the RHI – Vratsa and the actions taken by the institution.


This is the fastest judgment ever delivered in the history of the APIA. It was issued on the very day of the court hearing.


In the course of the case it was revealed that an unregistered outpatient care facility was operating on the premises of AETs Kozloduy EAD in violation of the provisions of the Medical Institutions Act.

More on the topic in Bulgarian: please follow the link.




The case is supported by Access to Information Programme under a project "Legal Help to Access to Information Cases", funded by German Marshal Fund of the US.