07 November 2012

Sofia – First Мeeting of Non-governmental Organizations related to the Global Initiative Open Government Partnership


On October 15, 2012, the First Мeeting of civil society organizations involved in the Open Government Partnership (OGP) initiative took place at the invitation of the Executive Director of Access to Information Programme, Gergana Jouleva. The meeting was held in AIP office and its purpose was to discuss possible forms of partnership with the Bulgarian government and the establishment of a non-formal coalition of NGOs to monitor the implementation of the national operational plan within the OGP.


The participants in that First Meeting were organizations which had sent statements on the operational plan, took part in the consultation process of its preparation, or intend to monitor its implementation. Those were Access to Information Programme, Open Society Institute – Sofia, Foundation for Local Government Reform, Institute for Market Economics, Institute for Public Environment Development. The Managing Director of Neterra Ltd. Neven Dilkov also took part in the discussion. The external expert employed by the Prime Minister’s Head of political cabinet and responsible for the relations with NGOs, business and other interested parties regarding OGP Milena Nedeva also attended.


As a result of the discussions during that First Meeting, the participants decided to establish and maintain a non-formal coalition and to exchange information about developments in government transparency and openness in the areas which each NGO monitors as part of its permanent work.


The minutes of the meeting are available here.