11 October 2007

On October 11, 2007, the Sofia City Court reviewed the complaint of Mr. Ivailo Hlebarov from the Environmental Association For the Earth against the refusal of the Ministry of Environment and Waters to provide documents under the ISPA Program of the European Union. Among the requested documents were the application forms, reports from the researches, the cost-and-benefit analyses, and the financial memoranda of the approved projects. According to the grounds stated by the ministry, the majority of those documents may not be provided since some of the tender procedures had not been completed. The complainant, as well as his legal representative Alexander Kashumov from AIP, emphasized the ambiguity of the argument. On one hand, the necessity for maximum transparency of the infrastructure projects, financed from the EU funds, is undoubted (including highways, the Vidin-Kalafat Bridge, Airport Sofia, etc). On the other hand, the submitted documents regarding already approved projects under the ISPA have no relation to following tender procedures. The court shall deliver a decision within 30 days.