Access to Information Programme

In the eve of the 15th Right to Know Day, the AIP launches the English translation of the report on the Access to Information in Bulgaria 2016. The 17th AIP report was presented at a press conference held in the Bulgarian News Agency on May 17, 2017 and contains:

  • recommendations related to the access to information legal framework and its implementation;
  • assessment of the regulations in the access to information area;
  • analysis of the results from the assessment of the proactive transparency of 566 institutions for 2017;
  • analyses of the access to information cases referred to AIP for legal help and consultation during 2016;
  • tendencies in the court practices on access to information cases in 2016 and summaries of cases in which AIP has provided court representation.

The report also contains 7 Annexes and can be downloaded from the AIP web site:

The report is prepared within the project Civil Center for Support of Transparency in Public Life, supported with a grant by the America for Bulgaria Foundation.