22 June 2010

In a joint letter as of 22 June 2010, more than 100 organisations from 23 European countries asked EU Commissioners Malmström, Reding and Kroes to "propose the repeal of the EU requirements regarding data retention in favour of a system of expedited preservation and targeted collection of traffic data". Among the signatories are civil liberties, data protection and human rights associations as well as crisis line and emergency call operators, professional associations of journalists, jurists and doctors, trade unions, consumer organisations and industry
associations. You can find the text of the letter here.


The EU data retention directive, adopted in 2006, currently compels phone and Internet companies to indiscriminately collect data about all of their customers' communications. According to last week's letter, such generalised data retention puts confidential activity and contacts, for example with journalists, crisis lines and business partners, at risk of disclosure by way of data leaks and abuses. "Blanket data retention has proven to be superfluous, harmful or even unconstitutional in many states across Europe", criticises the letter.


In 2008, AIP spearheaded the campaign against direct access to telecommunication data in Bulgaria when the government had tried to introduce provisions that would have undermined the constitutionally granted right of private life and correspondence. 

In February 2010, the National Assembly adopted amendments to the Electronic Communications Act reflecting AIP recommendations.