11 May 2004

AIP has published the report "Access to Information in Bulgaria 2003". The purpose of this report is to summarize the developments in the freedom of information legislation and its implementation.


The problems of the implementation of the right to information access outlined by the reporting team allow us to make certain conclusions on a practical and political level, in an attempt to improve the practices of providing access to information. This is the reason why this report starts with recommendations for the legislative and executive bodies of power in Bulgaria.


This Report is published within the framework of the project "Implementation of Freedom of Information in Bulgaria", implemented by Access to Information Programme with cooperation of VVMZ East European Investment Services B.V. (NL) and financially supported by the Programme for Social Transformation in Central and East Europe (MATRA) of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


The full text of the report in English can be viewed here: "Access to Information in Bulgaria 2003".