11 October 2004

On May 14-15 in Sofia, AIP organized a Regional Conference- "Advocacy for Freedom of Information - Independent Monitoring". A number of organizations presented their experience in monitoring and advocacy for adoption or improved implementation of FOI laws in the region: Article 19 - The Global Campaign for Free Expression, Open Society Justice Initiative, Statewatch, Center for Development and Democratization of Institutions (Albania), OSCE, Centre for Free Access to Information (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Montenegrin Helsinki Committee, Center for Promotion of Freedom of Expression and Access to information (Moldova), Pro Media (Macedonia), Transparency International Serbia, Croatian Helsinki Committee, Romanian Helsinki Committee, Центъра за независима журналистика, Asociatia Pro Democratia (Romania), Advocacy Training and Resource Center (Kosovo), Research Centre of Kiev National University (Ukraine), and of course the hosts of Access to Information Programme.


Images from the Monitoring conference


Special guests at the conference were Helena Jaderblom from the Ministry of Justice of Sweden, member of the working group on Recommendation (2002) 2, Ivan Nikolchev from the Media Division of the Council of Europe, and Irina Faion from the Open Government Initiative, Bulgaria, a program of USAID.


The conference was financially supported by the Council of Europe and the Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe.

You can read the agenda of the conference and see more pictures.


On September 28, 2002, a group of FOI organizations established the International Freedom of Information Advocates Network). The network is now expanding and consolidating. From the fifteen founders of the network the number of member-organizations has grown to nearly 50 (see www.foiadvocates.net). The day on which FOIANet was established was nominated as the international "Right to Know Day" in order to symbolize the global movement for promotion of the right to information. The first ceremonies in celebration of this day were held in 2003 (see www.r2kd.com).