The court reminded that mandatory instructions in the motivations of court decisions must be followed. The Sofia City Administrative Court Confirmed its Previous Judgment that the Elektroenergien Sistemen Operator EAD (ESO EAD), has to Provide Information Regarding the Tenders for the Electricity System Regulation Reserves as requested by the nongovernmental organization Za Zemiata – Access to Justice. 29.03.2023

On 9th of March 2023 the Sofia City Administrative Court (SCAC)delivered a judgment in a court case supported by AIP against а partial denial of the ESO EAD Executive Director to provide information requested by “Za Zemiata – Access to Justice” Association, which is backed by Greenpeace and the Environmental association "Za Zemiata" (For the Earth) teams.

The journalist Hristo Hristov, Long-term AIP Coordinator in Stara Zagora Passed Away 20.03.2023

On 18th of March 2023 our colleague and AIP coordinator in Stara Zagora Hristo Hristov passed away.

The Insurance Company “Lev Ins” to Dismiss the SLAPP Case against Mediapool 17.03.2023

Access to Information Programme shares the expressed concerns of Bulgarian and international nongovernmental organizations, media and journalists about the record claim for 1 million BGN from “Lev Ins” insurance company against Mediapool for a publication based on a public statement of a minister at a Council of Ministers meeting.

Commission for Anti-Corruption and Illegal Assets Forfeiture Cannot Hide if a Fine Was Imposed to a High-Ranking Politician according to Court Decision 16.03.2023

The Administrative court Sofia – City abolished the denial of the chairman of the Commission for Anti-Corruption and Illegal Assets Forfeiture to provide information if a fine was imposed to Slavi Trifonov , the leader of the Political Party “There Is Such a People”, for the lack of provision of assets and interests declaration.

The Bulgarian Agency for Food Safety is Obliged to Provide Information regarding Inspections and Their Results Carried out at the Facilities of the "Ekoravnovesie" Municipal Enterprise, Regardless of the Disagreement of the Municipal Enterprise.  16.03.2023

On March 13, 2023, a decision was issued by the Sofia City Administrative Court in a case supported by Access to Information Programme against a decision of the Executive Director of the Bulgarian Agency for Food Safety to deny access to information requested by Marta Georgieva, a municipal councilor in the Sofia Municipal Council.

Complaint against the Political Party “Vazrazhdane” filed to the Commission for Personal Data Protection  17.02.2023

With the support of AIP 22 citizens filed a complaint to the Commission for Personal Data Protection against the Political Party “Vazrazhdane” for publishing personal data.

2023 Big Brother Anti-Awards in Bulgaria 28.01.2023

The winner of the Big Brother 2023 anti-award for violation of the privacy and personal data is Political Party “Vazrazhdane” for publishing the personal identification numbers (EGN) of more than 800 Bulgarian citizens aiming to be stigmatized and declared as spies.

Bulgaria Must Urgently Support EU Anti-SLAPP Initiative 23.01.2023

AIP and the Association of European Journalists-Bulgaria (AEJ) call on Bulgaria’s Minister of Justice Krum Zarkov to support the European Commission’s actions to tackle abusive litigation. The legal initiative is aimed at strengthening protection of journalists and human rights defenders against vexatious trials, known as SLAPPs (strategic lawsuits against public participation).