12 citizens, journalists, NGOs and institutions received AIP's annual Right to Know Day awards  07.10.2022

Access to Information Programme presented the annual awards to Freedom of Information Champions in Bulgaria to mark the 20th Right to Know Day/Access to Information Day – 28 September 2022.

Call For Nominations for the 2022 Right to Know Day Awards 12.07.2022

The Access to Information Programme (AIP) opened the Call for Nominations for the Right to Know Day Awards Ceremony to be held online on September 28, 2022 in Bulgaria. The Right to Know Day is the strongest tool in the AIP campaign for encouraging the exercise of the right to information and pushing for enhanced government transparency and accountability.


AIP Annual Report Access to Information in Bulgaria 2021 04.07.2022

On 15th of July 2022 Access to Information Programme Foundation will present the 22nd Annual Report on the Access to Information Situation in Bulgaria at online press conference at 14.00.


AIP presents the results from civil audit on active transparency of public bodies'2022 15.06.2022

On June 15, 2022 during an online press conference, the Access to Information Programme (AIP) presented the Results from the 2022 audit on institutional web sites.

The aim of the audit is to evaluate if the executive bodies fulfill their obligations for proactive disclosure of information online under the Access to Public Information Act (APIA) and other legal regulations and to assess how they respond to electronic requests.

In the lack of a public body to coordinate and control the implementation of the APIA, including the obligations for proactive publication of information, the AIP Audit serves as a model publication scheme for public bodies to increase their active transparency.

Report “Access to Information in Administrative Courts and the Supreme Administrative Court”  28.03.2022

Report with recommendations “Access to Information in Administrative Courts and the Supreme Administrative Court"(available in Bulagrian) was presented on March 25, 2022 at an online conference before participants including the Deputy Minister of Justice, chairs of regional administrative courts, judges from the Supreme Administrative Court (SAC), civil society organizations representatives and journalists.


In a judgment of 11th of January 2022, the European Court of Human Rights ruled that Bulgaria’s legislation on secret surveillance is in breach of the European Convention on Human Rights.

The Strasbourg-based court was asked to evaluate Bulgaria’s surveillance law, as well as several articles in the country’s criminal code. The applicants are two Bulgarian nationals, Mihail Ekimdzhiev and Aleksandar Kashamov, who are lawyers, and two non-governmental organisations, the Association for European Integration and Human Rights, and the Access to Information Program (AIP), where the lawyers work.

Conference "Access to Information - Achievements and Challenges" 13.01.2022

Access to Information Programme (AIP) organizes the international conference “Access to information – achievements and challenges.”

The event is conceived as a forum which will open the space for sharing lessons learned and discussing the challenges to the implementation of the access to information legislation. Conference PROGRAM ☞ 

In 2022, AIP continues with free APIA webinars for public officials 10.01.2022

In 2022, Access to Information Programme continues with a series of free webinars titled "The Access to Public Information Act - procedures, obligations and implementation" which were initiated in September 2021.

Now in English: HOW TO APPLY THE APIA? - A handbook for administrative bodies 07.01.2022

In 2021, the AIP published the handbook for Bulgarian administrative bodies "How to Apply the Access to Public Information Act?". It is now available in English.

The handbook was created as contracted by the Council of Ministers Administration, and Access to Information Programme ai  the beneficiary under project: No. BG05SFOP001-2.001-0001 “Improving the processes related to the provision, access and re-use of public sector information”.