Open Letter Against Proposed Amendments to the APIA

A letter calling on members of the Bulgarian National Assembly not to pass proposed amendments drafted by ARTICLE 19 and endorsed by 68 organizations and individuals from around the world was sent to Bulgarian legislators on May 21, 2007. If adopted, the amendments would deteriorate the access to information regime in Bulgaria.
More about AIP led campaign against the negative amendments:

Statement on Draft Amendments to the APIA

On March 8, 2007, AIP submitted to the Parliamentary Civil Society and Media Commission its Statement on the Draft Amendments to the Access to Public Information Act.
The Draft Amendments were introduced by three MPs without public discussion and consultation with the Ministry of State Administration and Administrative Reform. The amendments proposed that requestors proved legal interest in the requested information; that public authorities were not obliged to provide partial access; the time for responding to an information request be extended to 20 working days, instead of the existing 14 calendar days; and that “reasonable” fees would be paid for the provision of information.
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