The Right of Access to Information - Concept on Legislation

A detailed analysis and well-grounded proposals drafted by AIP experts in 1998 related to the regulation of the right to information access in Bulgaria. The Concept elaborate the principles of a future law, including its purpose, who should have the right of information access, institutions that should be obliged to provide access, the scope and purpose of access to information, the exceptions to this right, and the mechanisms for providing information and for the protection of this right.
Experts who took part in the group working on the concept were: Alexander Kashumov, Gergana Jouleva, Dimitar Totev, Vesela Terzieva and Yonko Grozev from the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee, Meglena Kouneva, a lawyer from the legal department of the Council of Ministers, Konstantin Palikarski, Fany Davidova. Also, Valeri Dimitrov, Stanislava Kuyumdzieva, Ralitsa Peeva got into the discussions.