05 February 2015 г.

By decision[1] of 19 January 2015, the Supreme Administrative Court (SAC) upheld the Administrative Court – Veliko Tarnovo decision repealing the refusal by the mayor of Veliko Tarnovo Municipality to provide to a group of citizens of Veliko Tarnovo information on the reconstruction of a residential building part of a protected group cultural monument.


The refusal was grounded on the claim that the information sought contains personal data of third parties (the owners of the building).


The court held that the construction information about the group immovable cultural object “Historical Settlement Veliko Tarnovo” offers the possibility to enhance transparency and accountability of the municipality in an activity sensitive for society – preservation of architectural cultural heritage and building the city’s image, i.e. there is an overriding public interest in disclosure of the information.


The justices stated that the activity of preservation of cultural heritage objects is conducted in compliance with the principle of publicity and transparency in the management of the activities on preservation of cultural heritage (Art. 3, par. 1, item 3 of the Cultural Heritage Act). Authorizing construction activities in such an object is undoubtedly part of this management and thus falls in the scope of the overriding public interest of disclosure.

[1] Decision no. 514/19.01.2015 of the SAC, Seventh Division, on a. c. no. 5399/2014.