07 March 2015 г.

By Decision No. 1360  (in Bulgarian) of 9 February 2015, the Supreme Administrative Court (SAC) upheld the decision of the Administrative Court - Gabrovo repealing the refusal by the Regional Association of Municipalities Central Stara Planina to provide information on the persons employed in the “Innovative policies to promote entrepreneurship in the craft sector” (Innocrafts).


The Regional Association of Municipalities Central Stara Planina refused access on the grounds of personal data protection.


The justices held that the obliged subject was indeed required to ask the consent of the third parties and in the event that they do not provide a written consent, it had to disclose that part of the information, access to which is not restricted.


The court also noted that, since the requester has claimed that the information should be provided because of the existence of an overriding public interest of disclosure, the association of municipalities should carry out anew an assessment of the existence or the lack of such an interest.


The decision is final.