05 April 2015 г.

By decision[1] of 30 March 2015 the Administrative Court – Sofia City (ACSC) repealed a refusal by the National Construction Control Directorate’s Chief Secretary to provide information concerning inspections of the legality of facilities in the Bansko ski zone in the “Pirin” National Park to the WWF – World Wildlife Fund.


The refusal claimed that the information requested is not environmental information within the meaning of Art. 19 of the Environmental Protection Act (EPA) nor a public information in the sense of Art. 2, par. 1 of the APIA. The court held unfounded the administration’s argument that the information is not public, stating that the Directorate is a government body whose functions are related to supervising the legality of construction, and the requested information is directly related to this activity. It is undeniably public, since it is created and kept by a state body in relation to its legally provided activities.

[1] Decision no. 2148/30.03.2015 of the ACSC, Second Division, 35th panel, on a. c. no. 8799/2014.