"Sega" newspaper v. the Anti-Corruption Commission: How many times was the Commission ordered to pay damages and what is their amount? 16.12.2019

After two years of litigation, the media won an important case with the help of AIP. There have been 25 lawsuits against the Anti-Corruption Commission, as a result of which it was ordered to pay damages of ca. EUR 195 000 - and none of this information constitutes an official secret, according to the Court decision.

The Court obliged the Ministry of Environment to disclose the names of foreign companies importing waste in Bulgaria, their countries of origin and the type of waste imported  14.12.2019

According to the court decision on a lawsuit led by Capital newspaper (with the legal assistance of AIP), "the nature of the public relations regulated by the Environmental Protection Act (EPA) (...) implies maximum transparency of any activity that could affect environmental aspects as described by the EPA". As of December 14, the Environment and Water Executive Agency  has 14 days to provide access to the requested information on the waste importing companies, their countries of origin and the type of waste imported.

Sofia Municipality refuses to disclose information regarding street repairs in six neighborhoods 26.11.2019

According to Stephan Anguelov, AIP lawyer, Sofia Municipality is supposed to have the requested data on the planning and implementation of reconstruction works in several Sofia metropolitan areas - after all, he says, this very data serves for the final financial reports.

The Ministry of Youth and Sports, the Bulgarian Football Union and the access to public information 20.11.2019

How did the Bulgarian Football Union spend over a million leva, granted by the Bulgarian state, reveals the TV investigative journalist Petar Nanev. In 2018, with the legal assistance of the AIP, he won a lawsuit against the Ministry of Youth and Sports, and this year he was nominated by AIP's team for our journalism award as part of the International Right to Know Day.

An important victory for the AIP and the freedom of expression 18.11.2019

The Constitutional Court declared unconstitutional a provision in the Private Data Protection Act, which introduced 10 criteria for assessing journalistic expression.

Dototheya Dachkova v. Commission for Combating Corruption and the Withdrawal of Illegally Acquired Property (KPKONPI) 05.06.2019

Information on the Commission's expenditure incurred in the proceedings for the revocation of the property acquired by the banker Tsvetan Vassilev

Zornitsa Markova (Capital daily) v. the Ministry of Economy  25.02.2019

Access to the correspondence between the Ministry of Economy (ME) and the companies of which the ministry was the principal with over 50% ownership, regarding the amount of money and in which banks the state bodies and state enterprises had entrusted their deposits in 2009 and 2010