Bulgaria Without Smoke Association v. the Ministry of Healthcare  02.10.2018

Information on the composition and the sessions of a working group preparing amendments to the Health Act to improve the control on the compliance with the ban on indoor smoking and some open public places

“Lords of the Air” v. the Mayor of Blagoevgrad Municipality  04.09.2018

Information about the main parameters of a contract concluded by the Blagoevgrad Municipality for provision of municipal property

Tanya Petrova (Sega daily) v. the Ministry of Finance 03.04.2018

Information on the financial justifications to three decisions of the Council of Ministers adopting draft legislation and two decrees for allowing additional expenses and payments from the state budget

Boryana Hristova v. the Mayor of the Sofia Municipality 03.04.2018

The Conflict of Interest Declaration of a Deputy Mayor of the Sofia Munisipality

Investigative website “Bivol” v. the “Customs” Agency  28.03.2018

Information whether cigarettes produced in Bulgaria have been exported to the United Arab Emirates, through which border crossings, with what kind of transportation, and what is their total quantity

Emilia Dimitrova v. the Secretary of the Municipality of Sevlievo 09.03.2018

Information about the officials sent on business trips abroad in 2017.

Ivan Petrov v. the Sofia Urban Mobility Center 15.02.2018

A copy of the Instruction on Passengers’ Inspection in the public transport in Sofia

Elena Hristova v. Ministry of Economy 09.01.2018

Information from the Irregularities Register, maintained by the Managing Authority of the Operational Programme "Innovation and Competitiveness 2014-2020"