Some strategic court cases in which Access to Information Programme has provided legal assistance, including representation in court, in 2007:


1. Two contracts for lobbying services signed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) in relation to Bulgaria’s accession to the European Union
Alexenia Dimitrova (24 Hours Newspaper) vs. the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

2. Contracts signed between the Ministry of Finance and Robin, Sheves, Lipkin-Shahak and Birger
Alexenia DImitrova (24 Hours Newspaper) vs. the Ministry of Finance


3. Documents related to the competition procedure for licensing radio and TV operators in Bulgaria issued by the Council for Electronic Media
Bulgarian Media Coalition vs. the Council for Electronic Media

4. Procedure of preparation and the draft of the National Long-term Program for Encouraging Usage of Renewable Energy Sources 2004 – 2015
Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds vs. Ministry of Economy and Energy

5. Amount of funds and their allocation among local and central media paid by the Municipality of Lovech for different announcements
Naroden Glas newspaper vs. the Municipality of Lovech

6.Procurement of two steel plated cars for the Ministry of Interior
William Popov vs. the Minister of Interior

7. Access to orders of the mayor of the Municipality of Nessebar
Genka Shikerova (bTV) vs. the Municipality of Nessebar


8. Information contained in the Urban Development Draft Plan and the Environmental Assessment Report of a ski center
The Environmental Association For the Earth vs. The Mayor of the Municipality of Sapareva Bania

9. Information regarding decisions and orders for lodging released from the housing department of the Ministry of Interior
Yordan Todorov (168 Hours newspaper) vs. the Minister of Interior

10. Annexes to a report regarding a Nuclear Power Plant Kozlodui accident
National Movement Ecoglasnost vs. the Nuclear Regulatory Agency

11. Contract with Microsoft Co for the procurement of software licenses necessary for the Bulgarian state administration
Rosen Bosev from Capital Weekly versus the Director of the Government Information Service


12. Names and positions of responsible persons to issue sanctions in the Social Support Agency
Centre of Independent Living vs. the Social Support Agency

13. Information about the drafting of a Regulation by the Ministry of Culture
Yurii Valkovski vs. the Ministry of Culture