Some strateguc court cases where Access to Information Programme has provided legal assistance, including representation in court, in 2005:

1. Public access to the sessions of the Supreme Judicial Council (SJC)
Vassil Chobanov vs. The Supreme Judicial Council


2. Access to public information kept at the archives of the Ministry of Interior
Hristo Hristov vs. the Ministry of Interior


3. Copies of two audit reports
Yurii Ivanov vs. the Public Internal Financial Control Agency


4. Contract between the municipality of Vidin and a private company
Lyubov Guseva vs. the Municipality of Vidin I


5. Information related to a public procurement procedure
Lyubov Guseva vs. the Municipality of Vidin II

6. Contract between the Ministry of Finance and the British consultancy Crown Agents
Kiril Terziiski vs. the Ministry of Finance (Crown Agents contract) II


7. Contract between the State Reserves and a private company
Kiril Karaivanov vs. the State National and Wartime Reserves Agency


8. Access to property declarations, stored in the public register of the National Audit Office
Diana Boncheva vs. the President of the National Audit Office


9. Access to personal prison record of a deceased dissident
Todor Yanakiev vs. Director of the "Prison Governance" Department of the Ministry of Justice


10. Access to all regulations, related to public registers in the Municipality of Razgrad
Association “Center for NGOs in the town of Razgrad” vs. The Municipality of Razgrad


11. Access to a Decree of the Council of Ministers as of 1988, listing towns and villages, in the region of the power plant Belene, to which access would be restricted
Center for Environmental Information and Education vs. The Council of Ministers (CM)


12. Access to preliminary research reports, application forms, and cost/benefit analyses of ISPA financed projects
Environmental Association For the Earth vs. The Ministry of Finance


13. Access to operational reports of the Prosecutor's Office for 2001, 2002, and 2003
Hristo Hristov (Dnevnik Newspaper) vs. The Supreme Judicial Council


14. Access to information about the projects for regional development (so-called demonstration projects)
Krasimir Krumov (Monitor Newspaper) vs. The Regional Governor of the Town of Shoumen


15. Copy of the concession contract signed between the Ministry of Regional development and Public Works and Highway Trakia JSC
Silvya Yotova (Novinar Newspaper) vs. the Ministry of Regional development and Public Works (MRDPW)


16. Report about Bulgarian citizens and companies who were involved in oil trade with Iraqi companies or their representatives during the Saddam regime
Zoya Dimitrova vs. the President


17. Access to the whole content of the contract signed with Microsoft for the supply of 30,000 software packages for the needs of the Bulgarian public administration
Access to Information Programme, Stoicho Katsarov and Ivan Ivanov vs. the Minister of Public Administration

18.Documents related to the position and the measures taken by the Bulgarian government in terms of the removing of the statue of the founder of the Bulgarian state in the town of Zaporojie