Founders of Access to Information Programme:

  • Andrey Ivanov, PhD

  • Dimitar Totev

  • Gergana Jouleva, PhD

  • Georgy Stoichev

  • Ilian Mihov, PhD

  • Krassen Stanchev, PhD

  • Pavlina Petrova

  • Philip Harmandjiev

  • Yordanka Gancheva

  • Yonko Grozev

  • Yuliana Metodieva

The Council of Founders was the governing body of the Access to Information Programme from 1996 till February 2001 when the Bylaws of the organization were amended in compliance with the requirements of the Law for the Non-Profit Legal Entities. The organization was registered as carrying out activities to the public benefit.


AIp would like to thank to its founders and the members of the Board, who are not part of it any more, but are still advocating for the right of access to information in the specific area of their occupation. AIP team and the members of the Board would like to thank to Andrey Ivanov, Yonko Grozev, Ilian Mihov, Yuliana Metodieva, Krassen Stanchev, Philip Harmandjiev, David Michael Krushe, Konstantin Palikarski for their contribution to the development of the organizarion.