Gergana Jouleva, PhD

Chairperson of the Board of AIP

Gergana Jouleva is the initiator, one of the founders, and the Executive Director of the Access to Information Programme (AIP). Gergana Jouleva has been professionally involved in the access to information area since 1995. She has managed more than 50 projects related to access to information advocacy and raising awareness campaigns, monitoring, and trainings. She is an author of a number of publications focusing on the freedom of information. She was a member of the Steering Committee of the International Freedom of Information Advocates Network(2002 - 2014), member of the editorial board of, one of the founders and a member of the International Advisory Board of Access-Info Europe (2005 - 2016) and a member of the Advisory Board of Privacy International. She has international lecturing experience on access to information issues.

Alexander Kashumov

Attorney-at-law,Executive Director of AIP

Alexander Kashumov studied Law and Philosophy at the Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski". He has been working in the freedom of information area since 1997. Alexander Kashumov was recognized as an "Attorney of the Year" for 2008 by the Legal World magazine. In 2014, he was elected member of the Steering Committee of the International Freedom of Information Advocates Network.

Dimitar Totev


Luba Rizova

Mariana Milosheva-Krushe

International consultant

Mariana Milosheva-Krushe, by education historian. Civil society activist and expert with specialization in strategy development, evaluation, fundraising and social inclusion. Currently, manager of CREDA consulting, specialized in assisting effectiveness of NGOs and international programs by assessments, organizational development and strategy advisе.

Neven Dilkov

Neven Dilkov is Managing Director of Neterra Ltd. and since 2010 he is Chairman of the Board of Society for Electronic Communications. Neven has studied in Qinhua University, China, and is a summa cum Laude graduate of West Virginia Wesleyan College in Computer Science, USA. Before Neterra, he has worked as a consultant for Strategic Technology Resources in Chicago, USA. In 1997 Neven founded Neterra. Currently the company ranks in the top 3 Bulgarian telecoms servicing Central and Eastern Europe.

Pavlina Petrova-Tunckollu

Executive Director of Public Policies Watchdog Forum

Pavlina Petrova-Tunckollu is one of the founders and the current Executive Director of Public Policies Watchdog Forum. She is also a co-founder of Access to Information Programme (AIP), Institute for Progressive Education (IPE), Cluster for Innovative Bio and Eco Technologies, and Friends of the Mountain Association. Between 1996 and 2003 she held the position of Administrative Director at the Institute for Market Economics in Sofia. From 2004 until 2008 she was Executive Director of the Economic Policy Research Institute in Skopje, Macedonia of which she was an initiator and co-founder. She has many years of experience in research activities, project elaboration and management as well as executive management of NGOs in Bulgaria and other countries in the region.

Petko Georgiev

Executive Director of ProMedia

Yordanka Gancheva

Program Director, Public Policies Watchdog Forum, Sofia

Yordanka Gancheva is one of the founders of Access to Information Programme and has long experience in research work, project management, NGO financial and executive management in Bulgaria and other countries in the region. Yordanka Gancheva started her work in the NGO sector in 1994 and until 2003 has occupied the following positions in the Institute for Market Economics: office and financial manager, financial director, senior researcher and analyst. She is an initiator and co-founder of the Economic Policy Research Institute in Skopje, Macedonia whose research activities she managed till October 2008.